Feroza - died and will not start


1990 Feroza EL2. Recent alternator replacement. Driving along engine died in the space of 5 seconds - similar to fuel starvation or ignition failure. Will not start. Timing apparently correct, fuel pump working, smell of fuel after cranking, fuses OK. Is it the black box or have I missed something. Help. cannot check plugs as getting a suitable socket in australia is like getting cash from the inland revenue. Help!

Feroza Died

Spark plug sockets for the Feroza are not a big deal, Trade Tools in Qld or Repco/Autobarn all stock them. Make sure you check fuses under the dash and inside the engine compartment as there is a small fuse box tucked away on the inside of the drivers side firewall, between the battery and R/H headlight, as well as main fuses at the Battery itself. The problem sounds to be definitely in the electrics, so double check all wiring connections INCLUDING connectors close to the alternator that may have become dislodged during the replacement.
David Mc

David Mc

Dead Ferozas - the mysteries of non-starting


Thanks for your help will check that small fuse and connections. Still surprised that it will not fire despite there apparently being a spark and fuel. Ignition distributor Timing is mechanical so it should be getting the spark at the right time which means that at least two of the fuel injectors are not operating correctly preventing it firing. Will check TDC sensor if it has one. The only other thought was a cam belt failure........ Is the Feroza one of those engines that self - destructs in these cases or does it just stop.

Ignition coils and how to test them

Following on from this and another thread - Aaargh Won't start - which ended up with the cause of non-starting being a failed coil, the bloody thing only went and failed again! 2 Coils in 6 months could best be described as unfortunate and had my wife wanting to scrap the thing on the spot. Anyway if you are having problems getting the car to start or run smoothly, the way to test the coil is to increase the plug gap to at least 3mm and then turn it over. If you are getting a spark that will jump the gap, the coil is OK ( the spark won't break down under compression in the cylinder ). If not, you could be needing a new coil....

Don't go and buy a new one ( AU$150 / £60 ), any Daihatsu coil with the correct electrical fitting will do though you may have to swap / modify brackets.


Before you panic check if there is a spark at the plugs. No need to remove a plug - just take off the plug cap and connect any spark plug into it. Earth the end of the plug [electrode] against the engine and get someone to crank the engine [ignition key]. Check if there is an spark at the plugs gap.
No spark = look at the distributor cap. Is it cracked, contacts clean, centre carbon brush worn ??? Then move onto the distributor and check the connections/ is the HT lead broken etc.
A spark = fuel problem or timing. If your certain there is fuel then recheck the timing.
You mentioned the vehicle 'ran for a few seconds' - Did you remove the distributor? Often the distributor gets fitted at 180 degrees incorrect and fires on the exhaust rather than compression and I suggest you check that you fitted the distributor on compression stroke [not exhaust stroke] at number one cylinder.

PS .. hope your roasting in Aus because its snowing here in the UK.

Hidden switch.

Does your Sporty have an immobiliser? Most do and I have known an owner immobilse the vehicle whilst driving. Its sounds unlikely but it happens, especially if your unaware of the fitment. Many Sportraks have a manual immobiliser [manufactured or just an on/off switch to the low tension circuit], each activated by a toggle switch 'hidden' somewhere. Did you inadvertently knock a switch? Check beneath the edge of the dashboard - thats where the switch is often placed. You easily knock your knee against the switch and engine immobilised.
I know it happens. Colleague's Sporty spent 3days in garage after grinding to a halt in traffic .. wont start etc etc .. before a mechanic realised it had a simple on/off switch fitted in the low tension circuit to the coil. Driver had caught the switch whilst moving knees !!!


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