1990 Daihatsu Rocky SX Flasher Relay Problem


I have a 1990 Rocky SX 4wd, and have been having trouble wiht my flasher lights. the hazard lights word, but turn signals will not. I know the problem is the flasher relay, but i cannot seem to locate it. if any of you have had this problem please help me, or if you know where the Flasher relay is located please tell me. thank you so much.
Henry smith

The flasher relay is located

The flasher relay is located under the dash near the steering wheel.

get down on your hunkers and with a torch look right up underneath the dash...you should see a small black rectangular box (it might be red in colour)This is the flasher unit ....it simply unplugs from the wire its attached to.Hold on to the wire and give it a good yank...its 3 pin.

i dont supose anybody knows

i dont supose anybody knows the colours of the wires on this do they? my relays arent all original and i need to replace my relay, thanks