Incorrect car MOT'd can I get out of paying for it?


Right I need a quick response as I am off to pick up said car at 3.45.... so.

I took my boyfriends car to be MOT'd and it's failed. From what they are saying about how it has failed they have tested the wrong car.

They have tested a UK toyota Starlet and not the import turbo version.

Where do I stand on paying for this and getting it re-tested. This happened last year and I made it clear to them whe I took it the make and model and offered to leave the log bok etc and they had a flick through and said they didnt need it. Now the car has faild and they are quoting me for Cat's etc when it doesn't have one (or need one) so do I go shout at them or be nice and explain to the idiot where the VIN number is! This happened last year different garage as they couldn't be bothered to look for it.

Thanks Lads!

At this rate I'll be driving a broomstick! Smile

although I cant answer about

although I cant answer about the wrong vehicle mot'd....although if they have half a brain they should be able to tell what car it is, the rules this year have changed, as per one of my old posts...alot of cars will fail....unexpectantly, your problem is....the car may not have a cat BUT the year of it may state that a cat has to now be fitted, so year etc is it???

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whats it failed on?. they

whats it failed on?. they MUST show you the reason for rejection from a book they have there or you can appeal, make sure that your 100% right before you lay into them!!

The reason it failed was due

The reason it failed was due to them testing the UK model for emissions when there is no UK equivalent model. The Import versions has a turbo. Therefore it failed the emissions and was way off. luckily when I explained and asked them if they had tested it as the UK version they checked and accepted they had made a mistake. We have had issues with this in the past and i was really expecting a huge arguement. Unfortunately it failed on something else too, but at least I got the emissions sorted without too much bother. Smile Very relieved