What are long term members feelings about questions being asked by New Members?


Just a random posting and something I am currently observing a trend for at the moment.

I have just posted up a new poll asking members about what peoples thoughts are in relation to having some sort of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or a sticky thread which stay on the site for all the questions and answers for questions like:

- Where can I buy an O2/Lambda Sensor from for my vehicle?
- Need a part for my Vehicle where's best?
- My Auto Box on my vehicle is doing the following....

I have also noticed new members coming onto the site asking the same questions that have already been asked say a week before, but the thread/post needs to be searched upon. And I know how hard this can be sometimes without a new thread popping up asking a similar or same question already answered as a search has not brought back what was searched.

Also what are current members thoughts about new members joining, asking a question, then gets an answer/resolution and not getting any thanks? Or the new member just disappearing or expecting an answer?

I know in the past we used to get this often and not wishing to tar everyone with the same brush have noticed this is starting to happen again.
I do not wish to put members/newbies off asking questions but please bare in mind we as members on here try our best to help owners with problems as a community.

Look forward to the replies on this Smile



The funny thing that niggles

The funny thing that niggles me is people say the search does'nt work??!!?? sorry but thats complete bunkum, ive used it lots and its always come up with the answers, I think people are just too lazy to look it up and research, google is the best thing since sliced bread, always always brings up your answer, FAQ section is a good idea on any site but im afraid your always going to get ignorant/impatient people ask the same common questions, obviously getting a thankyou is always nice, cant beat your please n thanks, ive had several messages from people on various sites ask me things, but the ones who cant be polite, spell properly or use english grammer correctly do not get an answer. Biggrin

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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Is something that happens to

Is something that happens to a certain degree on most forums, if make a number of posts with solutions sticky for common questions when will be a balance between making some sticky and not ending up with half the first page being sticky posts making it awkward to see any new posts. Also to a certain degree Google does naturally point a lot of people to the relevant posts but I suspect that some think because a post is old its no longer relevant in some way.

If anyone thinks a post would be beneficial as stick on a forum then provide the link(s) then I will make them sticky, I would say BobF might also be able to make them sticky, but can't remember if Moderators have that ability without checking. Smile


Excellent news!

Just thinking though. Would it be far simpller to start a new thread with members adding to it perhaps?
Such as known issues for the YRV and Sirion etc..
Then once completed make this a sticky? Just a suggestion... Smile

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Is a good idea in theory,

Is a good idea in theory, though suspect that would still end up with quite a few duplicate questions being asked, compared to if had some stickies where they can see straight away what it'll be about. As on another motoring forum I use for my current car they have a "common issues" post which is currently 53 pages long from where people have been discussing issues, and people continually posting the same questions, the ability to see what the original common issues are ended up getting lost really, but could always disable any further comments or replies being added to the pos, can see what other people think.