Fourtrak tailgate replacing


I’ve just bought a genuine daihatsu rear door still new & unpainted, has been stored for a few years. I’m planning to replace my old one with it. But looking at it closely I noticed the spare wheel carrier nuts are situated nearer the center of the door than my original one, everything else looks the same though. I’m wondering why? Was this a later mod so as not to obscure the high level lights? And I guess it will strain the hinges more too. Before I go ahead and get it painted.

My goodness, how on earth did

My goodness, how on earth did you manage to find a NOS door!

Don't know, is the short answer, what F model is your vehicle? (Plate on RHS under bonnet).

Just a comment though, on what you say. From 1984-91 the earlier version (no extended arches) had plain bumpers and vertical rear lights either side of the door - is this what you mean by "high level lights"?

From 1992 the later, big arches model, had horizontal lights in the bumpers and cover plates set in the corners where the earlier lights had been. Many owners have obtained the earlier lights and fitted them to give four of each lamp.

Sorry if you knew this.

Sounds to me like you have an earlier door to go on a later vehicle..... found this picture:

so after a lot of thinking aloud, found the answer!