Daihatsu hijet getting to the engine


Hi, I have got a 1997 Daihatsu Hijet on a R plate.

My question is, how do you get to the engine compartment? I have been told it is under the seat, but can't seem to get the seat up to have a look, i want to check the oil, water etc when i get the chance. The handbook tells you how to service the engine but doesn't tell you how to get to it.

Any help would be appreciated

Cheers Smile

Under the seats at the front

Under the seats at the front are carpet flaps. Under there, there is a clip. Undo that and push the chair back to get to the engine.

Maybe you can help me? How do i get to the radiator cooling water cap behind the front panel of the car?


Access to Hijet engine

It sometimes helps to wind the recliner on the seat so the backrest is more upright before you unclip the seat and lift the seat back. If you need better access, remove the engine cover behind the seats, situated under the carpet, if fitted. I think they are 10mm and 12mm bolts but go easy, they often shear off. I use Copaslip on the threads when reassembling.
On later Hijets access to the radiator can be achieved by carefully pulling the cover off above the grill, lifting from the bottom. It hinges upwards. I understand that on earlier models the panel is held by nuts accessed from under the dash. Maybe someone can confirm this? HijetBear

Hijet Engine access

As said the front seats hinge backward once unlocking the front clips.

For further access the lump behind the seat beneath the carpet comes off very easily with the removal of some bolts. That will give complet access.

As for the Rad cap ontop of the Rad as said on later models ( I had a 2000) the front external panel hinges to gain access but I am unsure on the older models. Take care when attempting to get the bottom out or you will break the flimsy clips.



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