2006 Charade ABS sensor


I am looking for a near side front ABS sensor for a Daihatsu Charade SL bought UK 2006 Reg. no SG56UUL Style variant 2(L251) fitted with 998 cc 58 bhp engine.
It appears that this item is also common to the same year Daihatsu Cuore and Mira models with their L251 variants, and possibly the Perodua Viva.
But all the usual on line sources say that the item is out of stock, when I input the L251 variant as a menu option..
Any ideas as to try next?

Denso for all?

These bits should be dimensioned close enough to fit other Japanese brands.There is no reason as to why any particular manufacturer (Denso likely produces all of these) would cast any sensor exclusively for any one Japanese vehicle brand. I would take this bit to a scrapyard and then compare it with one from other Japanese cars. If it's close enough, take it home and plug it in. If the plug is different from that of the original, simply solder the original plug to the replacement bit, following wire color code