I have a sportrak 16v ELI and am concerned,theres a bad tappety noise coming from the top end!when i checked the oil it was not evan on the stickim not too hot with these engine and need to know a couple of things

-Do these models have hydraulic tappets?
-If yes where can i get some new ones
-If not it may it just be cam wear?if so where can i get a new cam and followers
-Lastly is it possible to remove the rocker cover and start the engine to determin exactly where the noise is coming from?

Just incase anyone can help the noise is nearly non existant at tick over but gets louder and faster as the rev's rise

I want to sell the thing and need to shut it up please help!!!!!!

I have an EL, which is basica

I have an EL, which is basically the same engine. It has adjustable tappets which are pretty easy to adjust so long as you have some feeler gauges. If you need the correct gaps and adjustment sequence i can let you know. If that doesnt quieten it down, the cam followers may be worn. Hope this helps.


I could use that info on the gaps and sequence if you've got it.


No problem. If you can let me

No problem. If you can let me have your email address i will send you the info you need. There are a couple of diagrams too..