Fuel/Oil additives


Anyone have any comments about Fuel or oil additives? Are they any good? Anyone have any good or bad experiences?

most of them are a waste of money except .....

I did the sums with engine oil additives. The cost of Slick 50 was more than the fuel it saved (which was only about 1 or 2 mpg). Diesel additives make little difference, except when it comes to slapping a whole bottle of the stuff in 1/4 tank of diesel just before the emission test.

The only additive that is worth it IMHO, is gearbox and/or diff additive. Personally, I swear by Molyslip added to semi-synthetic gearbox oil.

The thing to remember with Sl

The thing to remember with Slick50 is that it ain't all about saving a few MPG, but it will help prevent premature engine wear by coating all moving parts with PTFE, so it's better to look at it as a long term investment in the health of the engine. I swear by the stuff, and these days with the cheapo white spirit they sell at supermarkets masquarading as fuel, I always add a drop of STP fuel additive, especially since it's not unheard of for a Sportrack to occasionally drop a valve. Keeps the injectors clean, too.

I did the 'box and diffs when I bought the car, and refilled the 'box when I changed the clutch around 18 months ago, again with Slick gearbox additive. I see Molyslip are now doing their additive in a handy syringe style applicator, so it will get that next time (Save me bu**ering around with an old bike pump)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

My Nippa's gearbox is very cl

My Nippa's gearbox is very clunky when it's cold, but no problem when hot. I've been wondering if an additive would help here. What do you guys think? And if so, what would you recommend?