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Does anyone else have a problem when selecting second gear on their sporty when its cold?
When i use my much loved sporty in the morning or if it has been stood long enough to go cold i have a nightmare selecting 2nd gear, it's a real fight to get it to slot in.
When i gained advice from a garage they said that it is a known problem on 4x4's. Is this true and does anyone know of any cures, im afraid im not very mechanically minded.

Any help would be much appreciated as i do not have much faith in my local garages. They generally see a small blond female walking towards them and rub their hands in glee!


Sounds like the gearbox oil needs changing. If its old oil it thickens when cold and makes gear selection difficult. Should be changed at maximum 60,000 miles Use good quality gear oil of correct grade.
NB... whoever does the gearbox oil change must be aware that if they undo the wrong filler-nut they damage the gearbox. Get advice or search this site for 'gearbox oil'.

In response to the 'problem on 4x4' thats a load of ****!!!!!

I agree, 4x4s in general don'

I agree, 4x4s in general don't have a problem with 2nd gear.

However, my Sportrak does, but only on the first few shifts when cold. Within a mile it shifts like a dream. I'm having all the gear oil drained and refilled tomorrow, and have warned my mechanic about the transfer case bolt that looks like a filler plug but actually holds the gearshaft inside. The wrong bolt should have a large washer bent around it to discourage its removal.

I also remember reading a thread describing a nut coming loose inside the Sportrak transmission that prevents the synchros from allowing a smooth gear change, and seem to remember it affecting 2nd gear first.

Try the gearoil change and see how it goes. If you still have problems, you may need to remove the transmission and have it checked. Don't ignore the problem, a loose nut may result in stripped gears/synchros, adding to the price of repair!

i think i know what it is !!

only a demon buys a lemon!

I dont know one end of a spanner from another, but i have the same problem in my 1990 td fourtrak, and the prob has been well documented on this forum!

on the fourtrak, there is a mainshaft nut on the inside of the gearbox....this gets loose , mucks up yer syncro and makes 2nd hard to engage when cold.
you have to drop gearbox to tighten or replace it ( about £7 from milners i believe). I am getting a mate in the know to tighten it on mine soon and drop a wee dob of weld to stop it shifting again(which he reliably informs me can be knocked off easily should you ever have to remove it)

Hope this helps!

only a demon buys a lemon!