the switch ??????


i bought the feroza and i was wondering about the 3 set damper switch.what does it do?it is located beside the switch for the back window wiper.

damper switch

Not all Sportracks ( feroza ) have the 3 set dampers, I have an XI Sportrack and mine has'nt got them. Your not missing anything when they go kaput they are very expensive.

A dirty mind is a joy forever

A dirty mind is a joy forever

Rear suspension.

The damper switch changes the shock absorder [damper] ride on the rear wheels. Useful if towing. The switch can be set at 'hard', 'normal' or 'soft' and selection does effect the ride quality. 'Soft' tends to cushion the bumps but on cornering the car tends to roll. 'Normal' gives a normal ride. 'Hard' gives a very firm ride with no roll whilst cornering but bumpy roads are very bumpy! Despite what others post on this board regarding the 'useless dampers', the dampers are effective if working correctly.
Be aware that some owners have replaced the electronic dampers with standard dampers. Consequently your switch might be disconnected. If wires are connected to the dampers then they are electronic dampers and should function.

damper switch

thank you for that.i had a fair idea anyway but i wanted to be sure.when i move the switch,i hear a noise coming from the engine.does that me that the switch is working?


There should be no noise when using the switch other than from the switch itself. It acts directly upon the shock absorber[s] at each rear wheel. No noise should come from the engine. No difference is apparent until moving at which point the rear suspension is harder/softer etc.