smokey on start up and no 4wd


hi everybody,
some weeks ago i posted a problem i had with my 1992 tdL. the problem i had was on start up from cold, turn the key glow plug light goes out and she starts first time every time but smokes and misses until the engine starts to warm up aprox 2 to 3 minates, at the time bundy thought a couple of glow plugs might of been faulty but i have replaced all 4 but has made no change at all, any ideas what it could be or has any body els had this problem. the other problem i have is when i select 4WD the green light on dash comes on to indicate it is in, but no drive to front wheels, i know its not engageing because i tried it in the snow and its only spinning the rear wheels, on the model i have it is equipped with automatic hubs.

mirror image of my probs!

i too have the smokey start ups.. havent changed the glow plugs yet.. but mine stops within a 20 seconds or so (longer on cold days) having smelt the offending cloud i can confirm it is nothing more than un-burnt derv, wondering if its anything to do with the device on the fuel pump that increases cold fueling as mentioned elsewhere..

also having the lack of 4WD, see my post in the same section, worth checking the hubs!

...easiest way is jack up a front wheel.. and turn the drive shaft, it should engage and turn the wheel.. if not suspect you too have a buggered hub!

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smokey on start up and no 4wd

hi ja, thanks for your coments, i was wondering if when you start yours up if it runs uneven as well as smoking, you also said that you think it may be unburnt fuel, i have spoken to somebody that said this problem could be a weeping injector that meens that when the engine has stood for an our or 2 the injector could be dripping into the bore thus creating excesive deisel on that cylinder on restart, and having to burn that deisel as well as the freshly injected, so maybe my next step could be to have the injectors checked, as for the 4wd i shall check what you say at the weekend.
cheers mate, steve.

What colour is the smoke, Whi

What colour is the smoke, White/blue, I would guess. Thats just a cold diesel. And it is winter over there at the moment.

Is the glow plug circuit working? Try testing it with a multimeter.

Try bridging the glow plugs directly to the battery. Disconnect the standard wires to the glow plugs, then connect a jumper lead or wire direct to the glowplug bar and the + of the battery. Then the - from engine block to battery. Leave connected for 10 secs or so, then remove, and try starting motor.

A mate of mine did this on a tractor from the stone age on Friday, to prove the glowplug circuit wasnt working. But it still started.

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