MOT failure or not


Hello all.....1990 2.8TD Fourtrak EL

I have a good hole on the underside of the rearsill on my fourtrak, it is beltween the door and the rear wheel arch....since these babies are chassis mounted, is it an MOT failure?

I know pictures say a thousands words but I do not how to display them to you any info on that would be great to.


Only if it`s within 12 inches of the seat belt mounting, seat mounting point or body to chassis mounting or if its got sharp edges.
Should be okay as you say `cause they`re chassis mounted but i`ve known all types of testing stations fail daft things so as they can get the retest and the work for themselves, sinical i know but my best mate is a mechanic and knows all the pitfalls. Best advice is to get a friend like mine !!!
Keep the faith
Cheers Cookie