Sportrak roof questions?


Does anyone know if its possible to remove the sprortrak roof and then put the bits in the car while you drive?

Ive never taken the roof off (only just got the car) but if the weather tommorrow is as good as today, its coming off. Biggrin

Just wondering if I can take it off, drive the 20 miles to southport, dump it all at my mums and then if heaven forbid it rains, I dont have to drive too far with no roof!

Re: Sportrak roof

The rear section won't fit in the car. However, the sun roof will tuck neatly behind the front seats if you're not carrying any passengers in the back.

I would advise you to take something to wrap it in if you do tuck it behind the front seats as it's easy to scratch if you're not very careful.

I would also recommend taking the rear section off with two people. If you twist it too much, you're liable to shatter the glass.

Its a bit awkward!

I tried to use my sporty with the roof off in the nice weather. It was great but really fiddly and takes a little while to get off. I would also advise using two people to remove it, its nice and light but awkward to handle.

The best thing for you to do is what ive just done and get hold of a soft top, at least if it starts raining while your out you can put the roof back up!

Ebay can be good for getting hold of used soft tops