Head Gasket - - - Again - AAAARGHHHH


Just found out my TDX is loosing water, smoking it out from the exhaust and running lumpy again.
Anyone got any ideas why its done it again after only 5K?
Gonna do it myself this time so I know its been done properly..


1. Was the cylinder head skimmed before refitting? If not the gasket will leak.
2. Were the head bolts torqued in correct sequence to the specified pressure?
3. Did you recheck the head bolts torque remained correct after the recommended milage?

it was all done at a main dea

it was all done at a main dealer at main dealer prices so I would have expected it to have been done correctly

head gasket

I would contact the dealer that did it and ask them if the head was skimmed, they dont always do this as it has to be taken to a specialist.

I've done 15k in it since it

I've done 15k in it since it was done.
gonna do it myself and do it right. Anyone got any useful hints?

Complain loudly

Go back to the main dealers. Any work is guarenteed. Even if the job is over 1 year go back and complain. Dealer has a duty to do the job correctly. Head gasket should last 'life' of the car and 15K is far, far, far from satisfactory. Mention taking it further ... local trading office, citizens advice bureau etc. Stand your ground and you will get it repaired again .... at last resort [argue for an hour - see the garage boss] suggest you offer to pay £50 for the head gasket !
PS ... make your complaint at busiest time of the day. Make certain there are several customers waiting behind you and speak so they hear your complaint. Garages resent bad publicity!

addendum to above - 15k not 5

addendum to above - 15k not 5k

started it yesterday, head was skimmed and back by 4pm
put it all back together this morning/early afternoon and its running lovely now!
have put a written complaint into the garage as the head hadnt been skimmed originally and I'd paid for it


glad to hear its ok now. i would suggest you go to the garage that did it originally and demand a full refund not just for the skimming but all the work they did as it is a waste of time if the head isnt skimmed, unfortunatly ive seen this done quite a few times so its not uncommon. if they dont give a refund go to trading standards and if the garage is a member or any of the motor traders assosiations ring them as well, you should easily get your money back.
all the best mark...

Really went off on one over t

Really went off on one over the phone when I found out it hadnt been done properly in the first place!
It had cost me over 500 quid to get it fixed, I had expected value for money considering all the work I had put their way...... Wont be using them again thats for sure. I'll do it myself in future just for the peace of mind if nothing else.
As for the work it was a LOT easier than I had expected, I'll be doing it myself from now on as I have the confidence to do it now!

right I've ordered a head set

right I've ordered a head set for 55 quid and a timing kit.
got the head booked in for skimming on friday morning
hopefully back on the road by sunday at the latest!