fourtrak mpg


whats good for economy - i reckon i get 32 mpg on motorway (65-70mph), can go up to 35mpg on a-roads but will go down to 27mpg if i push it up above 75mph. towing i`m down to around 22mpg however (its a 1600kg caravan!) - i`ve got a straight-thro k&n filter and a straight thro powerflow exhaust so theres minimum restriction on the gasflow (actually its amazingly quiet considering)

reason i ask is the missus has been saying we should trade in for a kia sorrento but i`m unconvinced as the fourtrak has more character and does the job (commuting, kids, pulling caravan etc) adequately - besides which it is fully paid for and owes me nothing

any views? - also i read an article by someone saying all the claimed economy for the new breed of suvs is guff and in reality inacheivable

fourtrak mpg

Hi, your figures sound similar to the ones I used to get from my 4trak 2.8 Turbo D, as for the Sorrento, well each to their own and I have read some good reports but the 4Trak has more character by miles and don't forget you can fix it without needing a computer! They are nearly as simple as L*ndr*vers just (in my opinion) mechanicaly better.
Regards Phil.


thanks for that Phil - sometimes i need a sanity check, i reckon i`d regret selling the "tractor" especially as they dont make `em anymore


Your mpg sounds very similar to what I get out of my 2000 fourtrak. If I drive it very easy (doesn't happen offten!!) I can get 35mpg out of it. When I drive it normally (Once again doesn't happen offten!!) I get about 30 mpg. If I drive it hard (Most of the time!!) I get about 25-27mpg. This is doing 75-85 on the motorway and driving hard around town. I was towing a heavy trailer last week and I achieved 25mpg which I was quite happy about.
If she's not smoking she broken!!

If she's not smoking she broken!!