overdrive / high range 4w4 switch?


Firstly id like to say hello to you all, and a big well done to those resposible for the forum. I was very supprised to find the site given the relitave rairity of daihatsu's in general.

I heve rcently bought a 1989 fourtrack to have some fun with. It was originaly a petrol but now has the 2.8 td in it. My quirey is with the switch maked 4H on the dash. I presume this means 4w4 high range? Thing is it doesent seen to do anything, is there a common fault? where should i look first?
I tried it when i was in 4wd low range, there is'nt 4wd high on the selector lever.

Thanks in advance for your help.

4x4 switch

Alright mate,

here we go again..........

You have 2H and 4L on the stick.

On the dash you have a 4H button. When you press this you should get a green light appear under the speedo.

If not, the most common issue is that the vacum hose from the alternator is not connect properly to the gearbox.

If the engine has been changed it is very possible that this hose may have not been connected, is broke or pinched.

Go to the alternator, look at the back of it, there is a small (about 4/5mm) hose going to a thin steel pipe. This pipe goes along the engine towards the gear box. Then it turns back to rubber where the flywheel meets the gear box. From there the rubber hose connects to a steel tube to the 4WD solenid. If the Solenid is getting no vacum then the 4WD high will not work (not even the light on the dash)





Hi, thanks for the swift resp

Hi, thanks for the swift responce. I have now had a look at the vacume pipe and it seems to be ok. A pitty as it would have been such a simple fix. When i push the switch i can hear a relay but thats about all. Where should i look next? Cheers.