Independent Chassis Split


I have just had my 1994 independent refused an MOT due to the tubular v shape bar between the chassis rails just before the rear wheels being broken. The MOT guy said it seems to be due to rust and was suprised. Has any body had the same problem and can any one give any advise on this. The car is going back to the garage tomorrow to be repaired. They will have to fabricate a new tube and weld it on.....its not going to be cheap!!! I thought that the fourtrak had a good chassis unlike landrovers!

Thanks Simon

.... very odd ?

My 1995 Independent is sound around there, although, before I had it nobody had looked after the chassis (keep the rust off it and slap on some chassis paint occasionally).

My 1997 Indy has has, shall we say, an 'energetic'rear axle breather since new. That's perfect, of course, because there's quite a bit of oil up around the top of the loop.

When I was looking for the second Indy, I reckoned that about one trak in 3 had an 'energetic' back axle oil breather.


Hello Simon,

My wife's 4trak has recently started making a grinding noise from the rear, on taking the right rear wheel off I noticed that the tubular bar (with a bend it in) which fixes between 2 bars on the rear of the suspension, before the rear wheels has sheared off near the right rear wheel. This sounds like the same problem you had. Have you managed to get it fixed? If so what did the garage do and if you don't mind me asking what did they charge? It seems at least one brake pipe has ruptured on our 4trak which will make the repair more expensive! Did you get any photos of the damage as I would like to confirm its the same fault. Ours is a 1993 Independant.

Cheers Stuart

I must say I'm suprised those

I must say I'm suprised those engeinius little Daihatsu people hadn't sorted that one out. They don't usuealy let the same problem come up time and again. Mind you I don't think they have the metal eating weather in their country.
Anyway what I was getting to is that the problem with the tubular part of the chassis has been hapening since the days of the F20/50 series'. Exept they used to ring of the end of the tube on the 'outside' of the chassis rail. This basicly meant that the front spring mount for the rear axle came compleatly away from the rest of the car. Always good fun when it happened...

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Rusty chassis

I own a 1993 F78 independant TDX which I have found out has the common fault of a rusty rear chassis tube. Can anyone reccomend someone in or near the the South East to repair it. I have spoken to a Mr Atkinson who has been extremely helpful & can undertake the work but is located in Stoke-on Trent & unfortunatley the F78 wont make the journey please HELP!