Hello everyone,
We are amother & duaghter looking to buy a fourtrak to pull our horse trailer. We have been told that these are the best for towing purposes but have little mechanical knowledge. Can any body give us a few pointers on what to look for / problem areas etc.
Many thanks
Dawn & Claire

They are excellent for towing

They are excellent for towing but how good a one depends on your budget, 3k should get you a reasonable independant. All you really need to look for is rust and the gearbox. Try and find one with a decent service history that looks like its been cared for and not abused

Thank you very much. Have got

Thank you very much. Have got my eye on an L reg independent 98k miles for £3475. When you say gear box I presume I am looking for smooth gear changing etc.

great for towing

Hi, as i also tow a horsebox with a 89 fourtrak i can safely say they are brilliant loads of power and i have gotten out of lots of mudy show grounds no problem.check for oil seal leaks underneath,you'll see traces of oil.make sure the 4wdrive is working.dont worry about milage my one is on its third time round the clock and still going strong.of course if your not sure have an inspection done its not that expensive.happy buying, bill

Hi 4traks were built to wo


4traks were built to work...so no problems towing with them.

They had a particular problem with the gear box (especially older models)The main shaft of the gear box has a nut on the end of it to keep all the shifting forks in place..this nut had a tendancy to loosen all by itself...then you would experience difficulty getting from third into second...with the eventual loss of reverse..much has been written about it on this forum...do a search for gearbox problems..to fix this problem one has to remove the gearbox...at hourly garage rates..this can prove expensive...

They also suffer badly from body rot...but a trak costing nearly 4 grand should be pristine..have a good look underneath..

You might be interested in reading this post..although it was related to older vehicles