Sirion oil consumption


My 1999 1 litre petrol Sirion, produces blue smoke on start-up. Is this something to do with worn valve guides or seals? It is now starting to use oil. I suspect it has done a few more miles than the 30,000 shown on the clock. Can anybody tell me how much oil I should be using? Any help would be appreciated. Regards to all, Dennis.

Hi Dennis I am not an expe

Hi Dennis

I am not an expert on the Sirion but I have experienced the symptoms you describe with other petrol engined vehicles.I take it the Sirion is not fuel injected but fitted with a carb..if so that would rule out a dirty smoke on start up indicates oil getting into a you suggest this could be due to worn valve seals..when the car is parked up a little oil seeps down past the valve seal..hence the blue smoke on start up....does the smoke clear after a run Unknw

I would whip the spark plugs out and check their state..before and after a run...if there is a wet oily deposit on any of the plugs before a run which then looks blackened and dry after a could certainly be looking at worn/leaking valve seals.

Another simple and inexpensive diagnostic test you could carry out before going anywhere near a garage is the 'compression test'on all cylinders. A compression tester costs about £ will tell you if you have worn rings or wear to the bores...but from what you describe dodgy valve seal seems the most likely to me.

Good luck with it !

Oily Sirion

Mike, I only notice oil when starting from cold. It seems to clear up when I am running. I think I am using at least a pint of oil every 2,000 mile. My compression tester was loaned out about 10 years ago, not seen it since. It's time I changed the plugs so I will check what state the old ones are in. On the bright side , it passed it's M.O.T. yesterday & always does. Thanks, Dennis.


I would not expect worn valve seals in any car at 30,000 miles - assuming the milage is genuine. Have you changed the engine oil recently and used the wrong grade - ie.. 10-40 rather than 20-50 etc. If the viscosity is lower than recommended it will get past the pistons and burn as blue smoke especially on start-up.

Oil Burner

Mace, I am using Duckhams 15/40 at the moment, changed it a couple of months ago & the filter. The oil I had in before was 10/40. Recommended grade is 10/30. There was no service history with the car and the speedo numbers are not in line. I bought it when it was 18 months old (13,000 on clock)from the Middlesbrough Arriva garage who could not find the documents until I had bought the car. It was previously owned by "Enterprise Car Hire" I should have had more sense but it was in immaculate condition. Regards, Dennis