Which Serivce manual next???

Sirion - M100 series
17% (7 votes)
Charade - G200 G201 series
29% (12 votes)
Other (tell us in the comments)
54% (22 votes)
Total votes: 41


Service Manual

When will a manual for the F78 Fourtrak Independent be out, or an updated one?


a manyual for the L61 turbo diesel engine would be great... or charade CX turbo diesel 993cc (which uses said engine)

Sirion M100

Has anyone managed to get their hands on a service manual for the Sirion M100? I have recently acquired a 2001 Sirion M100. Cheers! Edwin.

Hello all members, new to this site!!!!

Hello everybody, glad to be here, seems like a great site. There are some great picture albums of Sport Track + Four Trak. I would like to upload some images of my Sport Trak, but having some difficulty!!, can any of you guys help please?


please do a manual for the hijet

Hi-jet manual

Yeah a manual for the hijet would be brilliant Smile

To thine own self be true! Smile

Which manual next

I cannot source anything for the Independent Fourtrak models (F73/F78).
How aout it?


I'd love to find a Daihatsu F50-F55 manual, I have a F55P Ute and It seems impossible to get any info on it. Smile

F78 Manual

A manual for the F78 would be good. I can't find one elsewhere. I'm told the F73 manual is ok for most of the stuff but it'd be nice to have the correct one.


Daihatsu F300 manual

I get it, it's in German language but is useable.
(size 270 MB, pages 1703)


Next manual

If the Charade listed uses the he-eg engine,(I think one of the charades does) it would give me information for my Grand Move 1500cc.I have been living in hope for about a fortnight for a respose to my timing belt tension problem, but no luck. If the proposed manual covers this engine IWILL BUY ONE, provided I still own the vehicle, which might have blown its engine up by the time of publication, having done 76000 presumably on the original belt!
Great Website (apart from the lack of information on my timing belt!), keep it coming. Thanks, Dave Fisher

next manual please

Grand Move , no-one seems to know anything about them !!


Please do a Hijet manual

Service Manual

It appears that the general 'other vote' seems to be for a hijet. I've never seen one in my life, but obviously it's a popular choice. P.S. Does anybody know where I can get a service manual for an A101 model Applause?


diahatsu hijet mpv

can any one tell me why does the hijet crunch into gear and were can i get cheap parts from also i am looking for a rear door can someone help me with my diahatsu as it is all new to me.

Hijet manual

Hi we've just brought our hijet and have fallen for it big time, but we seem to be having problems with overheating. A workshop manual would be a great help.

'05 Series Sirion SE Auto

While I am on a 3 year Warranty + +, I would like to know if/when we may get a look at the manual for this product. I could not find ONE for my last Sirion, 02 1.3 Auto. (though did not require it)
However, I thought my '02 Sirion would be my final new car puchase,I am now certain that my recent purchase is.
I am nearly 68 years old, reasonably fit, but would certainly feel this is definately my last car, as financially, prospects of affording another new car is out of the question.
My background is an engineering one, and as such, would be very interested in a manual for the above Model.