Sad tale of "ROCKY"

I believe you Guys already know this one.? When Diahatsu first introduced the Fourtrak to the UK, they made a limited no. of special trucks, this came with a soft top and optional hard top, folding windscreen, and every part above the wastline removable to create a totally flat area from bonnet line up, like the original landy. Wide chrome 8 spokes, side steps, light guards, bull bar etc..... Well I've got one which I've had for about 16 years, was my workhorse towing a trailer, etc.. Its been standing for 2 years, still drives but looking rather sad. I know one of you guys can restore her, she deserves a good home.. Best offers on a first come basis, to Cardiff on 07866 459271. ask for Steve



old rocky


I guess your Rocky has now long gone. I too have one of the first, chassis number 254, no chrome spoked whells etc but soft top and folding windscreen.

What happened to yours in the end ??