New member from Australia

Gday everyone, Its always good to see a new Daihatsu site start up. Hope it travels well. I have a 1985 F75 LWB Rocky (Fourtrak) Ive owned it for about 6 or so years. Now powered by later model DL52 factory turbo charged with even later model intercooler fitted. I run Detriot Lockers front and rear. I have raised suspension with subsequent reset and longer travel shocks fitted. Suspension travel is assisted by removal of some of the spring pack clamps, and removal of front panhard rod and sway bar. I also run a 2 1/2 inch body lift. I run 235/75-15 BFG A/T tyres as my road going tyres and 10R -15 Simex Centipede M/T as my off road tyres. Interior mods include sports seats in front, later model rear seat, CD player, UHF radio, Sports steering wheel, GPS, rear cargo barrier and bifold storage shelf. Under bonnet mods include dual batteries, continuous duty air compressor serving airtank holding up to 120psi and air horns, snorkle fitted, uprated headlights (130/90 w) plus mining industry 150w spot/flood lights fitted to factory front nudge bar, mounted over factory PTO winch. Rear bumper has been replaced with 6x3 steel C channel with Hayman Reece style towbar reciever and recovery hooks and hi lift points added. Side sills are protected by rock sliders. Front has 2 recovery hooks and hi lift points. Recovery gear carried, depending on location, can include any or all of the following, 2 snatch straps, T508 Tirfor and block, Hi lift jack, 4 rated shackles, Bull bag, axe, shovel, drag chain and grab chain. I also have another F75 which I keep for spare parts, and have a long term project underway to build a camper trailer out of the rear of another F75 body shell.

Here is a link to see my site, with plenty of pics and mods on my Rocky
I am also blessed with a very rare (in Australia anyhow) workshop manual for the F75, and I have just about, at some stage over the last 6 years, rebuilt, or had apart, every part of the Rocky. So, if you have any queries, I may be able to help you, just ask.




My Midnight

Like Lurch, I've got an N-Reg Sportrak Midnight and it's simply the most fun I've had in a jeep - well almost!


I use it for Great Dane Rescue in Kent and regularly have 100kg + of dog jumping around in the back and (now that I've replaced the single leaf springs with 3+1s) it handles anything that's thrown at (or in!) it!

The site is great, by the way, but more pics please, guys?



Hello from Peru, South America

Hi there!
I´ve got happy when I found a forum related to daihatsu, so I hope I could make new friends here and share my comments and opinnions about the daihatsus.

I own a 1998 Daihatsu Gran Move (aka Pyzar). My family always had a daihatsu at home, since the charmant in 1981-1993, a Rocky Wagon in 1993, and then we moved to a Applause until 1996. We bought the Gran Move because It looked to be very practical and unique.

Also, I have survived to a car crash with the Gran Move. I was driving at a highspeed avenue, and got hit at the back by other car, and then I had a crash with another car in front of me. Thank god there were no human damages, and I did not had anything like hurts or things like that. After a month at the dealer with repairing, the car went back home, and it´s still working as fine as the first day I drove it.

I´d only installed some few accesories to my Gran Move (I´ve bought themm from Japan): daihatsu genuine trash box, DIN-size cup holder and Center Armrest with box.

I hope to receive ant mail or message from you!
see ya