what do i do with my shockers?


i've lifted my '92 sporty by 2" or so by extending my shackel's, but now i need to sort out the shockers i thought about lifting my bottom mounts up by 3" to give more drop, but don't realy want to. Does anybody know if shockers off any other vehicals fit? or can i get longer ones e.g. pro comp? (i am working on tight budjet though).
thank you for any feedback

what do i do with my shockers?

Hi, I had same problem with mine, Vauxhall Carlton rear shockers will go on fine both front and back. You may have to drill out the steel collet from the centre of the lower bush on the new shocks though, depending on how tight the mount is on your fourtrak. I have them on mine and have more than twice the travel i need left to play with. Cost about £30 a pair for oil ones but you can get gas shocks for about £40.

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