Fourtrak Fuel supply


I`m having promlems with a intermitant fuel supply problem .Fuel tank has been sealed and new fuel filter and pump fitted but I still get the odd time usually when having driven over rough ground when the engine revs die and the engine stalls when restarted you have top pump the throttle to keep up the revs the engine back fires if the revs drop.After approx 3-5 mins it seems to clear its self and runs as good as usuall.Has anyone had a similar problem or got any suggettion as a possible solution? as I`m begining to pull out any hair i`ve got left!

Assuming it is a diesel, two

Assuming it is a diesel, two possibilities,
1) Crap in the fuel tank, being agitated when driving over rough ground, getting sucked up to the fuel line, and partially blocking it. When the car sits after stalling, with no suction applied, the crap settles again. Try draining the tank completely. Even removing it to get all the garbage out.
2) your fuel system has not been completely primed after the new pump and filter. Try getting it going, then while idling, undo the fuel line to number one injector a bit, allowing fuel to escape. Retighten when you have a good constant stream of fuel. Sometimes the fuel filter priming pump wont quite get the air out. The rough ground agitates the trapped air enough to cause problems.
Hope this helps
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fourtrak fuel supply

I forgot to mention the vehile is a 1985 2 litre petrol 3y engine model

Fourtrak fuel supply

I`ve stripped down the carb and blown out all the fuel lines etc ,There was`nt anything in there as far as I could see! The dam thing has just started to play up again.I talked to a guy who use to work at a main dealers who suggests maybe checking the fuel line for pin holes or poor joints which might be sucking air or that the pressure release valve in the fuel cap might be sticking.

How do you check if its not working properly?( I forgot to ask him at the time and now hes away on his holidays)

Has any one got any ideas on anything else I might check out?

Four track fuel supply

I had exactly the same problem when I bought my fourtrak back in May this year and thought it was a fuel problem. It turned out to be a break in one of the wires coming from the coil which was making contact most of the time but occasionally after going over bumps etc. would make a poor contact causing it to misfire backfire and lack power, I changed the wire and it has never missed a beat since.

If my solution didn't help (r

If my solution didn't help (remember I had to do it on three separat occasions) then Matey, with the electrics idea may well be onto it. My F20 triler used to have exactly the same reaction to water, that your F80 is having to bumbs. In that case it was the main HT lead (from coil to dis' cap) that was brocken inside. Fine most of the time, spark jumping the gap. Kaput after water, earthed the spark out. Could be a similare promblem, but earth being coused by a direct contact, rather than water?

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

4trak fuel supply

I have managed to resolve this long running problem finally(fingers and everything else crossed!).

I decided to completely overhaul to carb using a kit purchased from a carb and fuel injection specialist .I also changed the 2 month old fuel filter and replaced all of the fuel lines with new braided plastic pipework.Whilst changing the fuel lines I back blew the tank by using a old spay unit resovoir tank and a big compressor borrowed from a mate.I raised the pressure up as far as I could and dumped the whole lot thru the fuel tank in 1 big blast.

All of the HT leads had been replaced in the service in July so I just changed the LT wiring .

The whole thing took me most of the weekend in between shuttling the kids around and feeding the stock etc.

The damed thing has`nt missed a beat since bless its malevient heart!

Thanks to everyone who posted possible solutions.It helps with the stress to know that your not alone with bitching thing!!

Hi, I've got a C reg F80 (3Y

Hi, I've got a C reg F80 (3Y engine). I had exactly the same problem. Turned out to be some rubish making it's way into the flote chamber in the carb, and sitting in the outlet at the bottom of the chamber. Undo the screws that hold the top on, get in there with a cotton bud, and problem solved. Worked for me anyway. Had to do it 3 times befor the problem went away.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Bernie1 You might think I'm

You might think I'm pulling your leg here but bear me out. Your climate has been pretty warm this year and I bet your engine bay gets pretty hot after a run. If these conditions exist and you shut down your engine for say 5 - 10 minutes the fuel in the fuel lines vaporise and the fuel pump becomes inoperative and engine will stop once carby bowl is empty. If you wait for say half an hour the engine bay will cool sufficiently for the fuel to condense and the engine will fire up again.
Fix. Purchase some black foam tubing (air conditioning tube) to suit the diameter of your fuel line. Split down the centre and install on all exposed fuel line in your engine bay up to your fuel pump. Tape as required. Let me know how you get on.