new here and just sayin hellooooooo


hellooooooo to all on this site.I bought myself a '91 sportrak elxi 2 weeks ago and its my 1st ever 4x4 lol. A week after i got it the headgasket went pop Sad I found this site through google and its been an absolute goldmine of information in helping me to rectify my problem and do the head gasket myself Smile All is fine with my sporty now and i love it, its a brilliant little toy and i intend keeping it for a long time to come now. Big thanks to you for an excellent site, i cant stay off it so i registered lol Wink


hi - and welcome from another sporty' newbie - only had mine 2 weeks - hope i dont get the same trouble Shok




hi Chris thanks for the welcome, and i got another problem now, the fuel pumps leaking lol i havent even managed to get my sporty dirty yet but i will beleive me Wink