Starsky & Hutch Zebra 3



Picture of my new van as Zebra 3!!! Kool eh?? Done loads to it so far and have more mods planned.I want a bullbar like MAX has on his and im gonna try and source some period slotmag alloy wheels. Ive totally blitzed the van and its now immaculate. Fitted wheel trims and parking sensors to the rear (Ebay) got a rear load liner (Ebay)and had a local graphics firm do the Starsky & Hutch stripe!!!! L.O.L!!! I get loads of admiring smiling looks and the local plod seem to like it also which is good. Red flashing magnetic light off ebay also. Its a fun to drive practical van and it keeps my classic Daimler tucked up in the garage over the winter months. Oh yes, its a 1.3EFi petrol/LPG gas model. Ive had a full service done on it post purchase and the previous owner had alot of main dealer work done on it as well including propshaft recall replacement and 2x radiator caps + new thermostat & fan switch & new sparkplugs. Im having fun with it at the mo. Long may it reign.