Want to be a site moderator?

As this is a new site and we have a nice new forum and people can post comments on most parts of the site! The site needs some moderators. Ideally only need 2 or 3 people to be moderators to make sure nobody sends too much abuse on any forums or in any comments, and that people still to the rules for the forums, etc. (I still need to write some standard rules somewhere). The moderators will actually have the ability to suspend accounts on the site so someone who is responsible and not trigger happy like an American in iraq. Smiling

If you are interested in becoming a Moderator then simply either post a comment saying or email me at lurch at lurch dot org dot uk as ive not set up a daihatsu drivers email account yet. Oh and if moderators want they can have a daihatsu drivers email address. Smiling




Lurch I would be happy to act as a moderator for you...you set the base rules and I will help you maintain em !!!
As a long time user of the old site I value the sensible use of the forum and can't abide the twonks that spoil things with abussive posts.I check in daily.


Another willing member here. Again I usually visit the site (or rather the old sites as was) daily, and would be willing to help enforce the rules and keep the forum useful and informative.