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Daihatsu announce exit from Europe

The rumours and story which was posted in the forum from a German news site are true. Daihatsu have officially announced that they will be completely pulling out of Europe by 31st January 2013.

There is a an official announcement on the Daihatsu UK Website, however I have included it below as gives the official reason why.



Daihatsu Drivers Car Insurance

As you may have noticed the Daihatsu Car Insurance Scheme is now up and running. The scheme is with Chris Knott Insurance, they have been dealing with car clubs for over 20 years, so they should be able to offer competitive insurance without the overheads of some of the larger companies. Dedicated forum area listing ways to get a quote and of the latest offers are available at


Daihatsu one of Britains most reliable cars

Its not really news to any of us Daihatsu Owners but in the results of the largest ever car Survey carried out in the UK by Which? Daihatsu came joint 3rd as one of the most reliable cars. Honda came top in the list and second place was won by Daihatsu's parent company Toyota. You can read more at,,2002410000-2007300484,00.html or listen to the Which?



I woke up on friday the 13th to find that someone had broken into my 1988 Fourtrak and got hold of my tools to aid them im steeling my three week old greenway machos and rare alloy wheels,there are pictures of my Fourtrak in the forums with the wheels and my new tyres i posted before they were stolen.


YRV Service Manuals available now!!!

Yes Daihatsu YRV manuals are now available on the site!!! As with the other manuals available from Daihatsu Drivers. It's in PDF format, covers all aspects of the vehicle and saves you over £100 from buying it from a Daihatsu Dealership. Grab your YRV Service Manual here. Next manual will be for the Daihatsu Cuore / Mira / L701.


Terios Service Manual now available!!!

The first of a number of new Service Manual CD's is now available. Presenting the Terios Service Manual! Based on and created the same way as the previous Service Manuals the Terios Manual which covers the Terios from 2000 onwards. Aspects of the manual probably cover the Terios prior to 2000 but I can't guarantee that. So if you want one click on the link for Service Manuals at the top of any page on the site! Next manual coming up will be the YRV Service Manual! Get your Terios Service Manual here.


Daihatsu news (at least in japan)

Hi there! I posted a message on the wrong side, so now I´m writing it again!

News #1
Daihatsu New Tanto : If you checked the Tokyo Motor Show cars, you´ll know what I´m talking about. New Tanto is a tall-height minicar for japanese market. It looks like a Move, but while the Move have "moved" to a more Premium style, Tanto is taking the original roots of the Move: great interior space, ultra utility, but, the Tanto don´t have the same wheelbase length! The current Move and Mira (Charade for UK, Cuore for others) shares the same wheelbase, but Tanto looks like it´s using another new plattform.


See members

There is now a link at the top of the page so members of the site can now see who the other members of the site are and see certain information about each of the users. May add, remove, or just switch about that information is shows! So people soon might find out how old you really are!! Biggrin


Potential relaunch of Sportrak?

While searching the net I ran across this concept car from Daihatsu which seems like it is an evolved version of the Sportrak and even has the name SP-4. The car was shown at the same show as they showed the sexy looking Copen which has been released in Japan and is in the process of being updated so it can be sold in europe.

So will there be a new 4x4 added to Daihatsu's line-up? Does it look any good or is it a bit ugly? Well i have my opinion what does everyone else think?



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