Use Facebook to login or join Daihatsu Drivers

As Facebook is one of the world largest Social Networking sites, we thought it would be a good idea to allow people to use Facebook to login or join the site. Simply click on the Facebook Connect button in the right hand corner before you logon.

Linking an existing Daihatsu Drivers account, or creating an account if you're a new user of the site couldn't be easier. Click the Facebook Connect button below the usual login boxes, a Facebook Login window will then appear. Once you have entered your Facebook details, if it is your first time you will be asked if you want to link an existing Daihatsu Drivers account or to create a new Daihatsu Drivers account. If you are an an existing member click that you want to link to an account and then put in your usual Daihatsu Drivers details. Your account will then be linked. After that you will be able to use your Facebook details to log straight into the site with the benefits of posting links between Daihatsu Drivers and your Facebook Wall.




Might seem like a daft question, but...WHY??? What's wrong with conventional registry on the Daihatsu Forum - or have I missed the point, somewhere? Is it really a recruitment drive?

Personally, I don't see the fascination of Facebook at all - and from what I've heard about ID theft, etc, being rife on that site, I won't be bothering, either.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Hiya, The main reason is


The main reason is that many people have Facebook accounts, so simply speeds up the process of them joining, and also means that know that anyone who joins via Facebook are human and not Spambots. Though allows existing members to publish to their Facebook profile links to posts they have created or responded to.

The original signup and login process still remains as the Facebook method is simply an extension and adds the possibility of people still being able to login should Facebook ever disappear. Smile
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