Home made exhaust.



This is the new exaust I made after my back box rotted away & the tail pipe fell off. It's an old motorbike silencer mated to a piece of the original pipe. It sounds great & accelerates a lot faster, because it doesn't double back like the original did. It cost £0.00, so thats a bonus. It's MOT time next month, so fingers crossed it won't be a problem.


Exhaust note

Pretty sweet mate, my celica is up for sale but if it doesnt i may take the big bore exhaust off and replace my sportraks with it, or i may follow ur lead as i have a Harley can in the shed doin nowt, tiop marks for enginuity!

Cheers, I'm pleased with it.

Cheers, I'm pleased with it. I bought a stainless KTM can from an autojumble a couple of weeks ago, which I will fit at some point. That should last longer than the van!

bones 851 topman , cool

bones 851

topman , cool idea, my back box packed in about 2 weeks after buying the van, took ages to source new one at a resonable price, anyway ended up having it welded, my brother (motocross fanatic pre77) has informed me i can have the silencer of his ccm as he is changing it, now if youre van passes the mot with the new exhaust, you will have solved a lot of problems for all hijetters out there, well done ........

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Home made hijet exhaugst

Very interesting mod my friend. I hope it passes the M.O.T.

Please let us all know if it does. I would'nt say owt when it goes in either about it. Just let them get on with it and plead ignorant. Hopefully it will pass.

I have found though that having a custom made Zorst is probebly the way to go these days due to the cost of genuine item.

Regards. Brendan. ( Zebra 3 Hijet van)