Daihatsu announce exit from Europe

The rumours and story which was posted in the forum from a German news site are true. Daihatsu have officially announced that they will be completely pulling out of Europe by 31st January 2013.

There is a an official announcement on the Daihatsu UK Website, however I have included it below as gives the official reason why.


It was announced on 13th January 2011 that sales of Daihatsu motor cars will cease across Europe on 31st January 2013. This is due to the ongoing strength of the Japanese Yen, which has increased prices beyond competitive levels. There is no stock of new Daihatsu cars in the UK, and we do not expect to import any new cars in this interim period.

However, we wish to reassure Daihatsu owners that all after sales services will continue unaffected. Therefore, the supply of spare parts will continue, and warranty work and servicing will be carried out at our official UK dealer network, which remains in place and whose details can be found on this website.

We thank Daihatsu customers for their past custom and loyalty, and share their disappointment at this news.

At a time like this, I suspect this site will become more important than ever, because by January 2013, it will potentially be one of the few places you will be able to find any information, support or advice for owners of Daihatsu cars in the UK and Europe.



Don't panic Mr.Mainwaring

Not good news for anyone if the implications are considered, but it will always be possible to import a Daihatsu from Japan off your own bat, won't it??
Just as I was getting interested too....

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