CDs sent out, and Google +1

My home Internet is now working again, so I have been able to print out all relevant information, so all CD's ordered up until 28th June have now been sent out. Also the site currently has the new Google +1 service (read more about it here). The service is meant to help people recommend any useful page or post in a single click. So other people on the Internet know which pages are potentially good or useful, or which ones aren't.

I am currently testing it, as the long term plan by Google is that it will potentially affect search engine results. So using the service, and if it gets used should keep Daihatsu Drivers listed well on Google.



1998 Fourtrak Grill Replacement

Hi all,

First time posting on here as I only just bought my Rocky a few weeks ago.

I was thinking of replacing my headlights and grill to modernise the front end. There is a lot of aftermarket parts for defenders, and I prefer round headlights to the rectangle ones. I waned to ask the community if anyone has performed a headlight and grill replacement? And if so, what did you swap it for? Are there any standard grills out there that would fit, height and width wise?

Any insights would be much appreciated.