What's going to happen to Daihatsu Owners

As you may already know Daihatsu Drivers was started to essentially replace Daihatsu Owners. As I now have recieved all the information regarding Daihatsu Owners I feel it best to list what will be happening to Daihatsu Owners UK with regard to Daihatsu Drivers UK

Daihatsu Drivers will still be replacing Daihatsu Owners as originally planned, however now that I have the sites information this process can happen easier and will result in no loss of hits to either site.

The transition will happen in 2 steps. The first step will be to close the Daihatsu Owners forum which generates a large number of popups and banners, and link Daihatsu Owners to the Daihatsu Drivers forum. This will happen on the end of April. In the meantime a link will appear to both forums to give people the time to switch over to using the new forum.

The second and final stage will be switching Daihatsu Owners to Daihatsu Drivers. This will result in www.daihatsu-owners.co.uk and www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk both pointing to the 1 site. This means that this essentially doubles the chance of a Daihatsu Owner finding this site, and also shows that the site has entered a new era, after being ran and looked after so well for the past few years by James Hardaker and Paul Hodson.

I don't expect there to be 100% agreement with this plan, however it is the easiest plan for me to look after the site, and should result in a longterm gain of increased hits, and hopefully a bigger and more flexible site.




A well thought out plan of action Lurch....gives every possibility of a nice smooth transition to new site...

rear seat belts

is it illegal for anybody to sit in the very rear seats of my 1997 fourtrak as there are no seat belts fitted from new this vehicle has seven seats with the very rear seats facing each other