Sirion Rally2 heater control illumination


I've been restoring one of these as a bit of a project, and I have learned a lot. Still got some of the awkward bits to do
Can anyone help with a simple way to access the bulbs behind the heater operating dials Unknw
Thanks for your help ---- John

Simple job....

From memory when I changed the bulbs for LEDS. If it's anything like the YRV centre console, it's a case of pulling away the surround on clips to access the screws that hold the heater controls in place. Once heater control panel is loose remove the 2 or maybe 3 connectors from behind the panel. Then to take the front off you need to pull the 3 control knobs. The bulbs should then be accessible.
Have a look in the image gallery under modifications as there maybe some pics to help.

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Simple job

Thanks for your reply -- I thought it would be something like that, but I was hoping for one of those simple solutions that someone comes up with after I have struggled for hours, and scrapped half the dash.
I'll have a go tomorrow ---
Best wishes-------

John Turner