Potential relaunch of Sportrak?

While searching the net I ran across this concept car from Daihatsu which seems like it is an evolved version of the Sportrak and even has the name SP-4. The car was shown at the same show as they showed the sexy looking Copen which has been released in Japan and is in the process of being updated so it can be sold in europe.

So will there be a new 4x4 added to Daihatsu's line-up? Does it look any good or is it a bit ugly? Well i have my opinion what does everyone else think?

The new Sportrak? But its ugly!

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Re: The new Sportrak? But its ugly

It's er... certainly distinctive Smile Whether it will see the light of day now that Daihatsu are officially "the small car division of Toyota" is hard to say. After all, they already have an ugly, small soft-roader. It's called Rav4 ;)



Vile. Looks like a Smart on s

Vile. Looks like a Smart on steriods - A concept car, and let's hope it stays that way.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Don´t worry... it can´t be a new Sportrak

First at all, it´s a 660cc Engine, small sized like a Daihatsu Mira (Charade for UK). I have been reading some japanese websites and some of they say that the terios will have a Model Change next year, maybe the SP-4 will set the design for an upcoming terios (or maybe on Tokyo Motor Show for this year Daihatsu will unveil a new 4wd concept car). As some of you guys say, Daihatsu is the small car specialist from toyota, so, if daihatsu release another SUV it should be smaller than the RAV4.
BUT, there are exceptions. For malaysia (or indonesia) there´s a SUV Bigger than terios, the Taruna. It´s longer and wider and have a bigger (but old) engine , the HD 1600cc used on Previous Applause and Charade.

Taruna engine sounds familiar

The engine thats in the Taruna you mention sound like its the same engine thats in the Sportrak. From what i read on some site last week a MK2 Terios is just being phased in atm in this country which is may or may not be what you are talking about which will happen next year where you are.
I must admit I haven't seen much mentioned about the SP-4 apart from the reports from the couple of shows where they displayed it. Nowhere near as much coverage compared to a couple of the models they have decided to release in Japan, and definately nothing compared to the press about the Copen being released.
Have to admit it would be nice to have a new reasonable sized Daihatsu 4x4 produced again. As the Terios is a bit ickle for my liking, as 4x4's should on smallest size be around the size of the Sportrak, and go right upto ot exceed the Fourtrak. Though not sure how the Fourtrak ever fitted into their "small car" image as their Australian site said that small cars have always been what they've specialised in producing. Would u called a Fourtrak little?

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I don't think so perhaps a comptitor for the Sazuki JIMMY but that is stretchng it. I hope this concept comes to nothing as it looks a hodge podge of bits and yes pehaps a 4x4 SMART, but not a SPORTRAK.