Daihatsu Parts

I am 3/4 of the way in completing a software programme for Daihatsu owners. It is written in VB6 so there is no probs with current computers. I was going to use a .mdb file to store the info - but like most Bill Goat stuff the proggy was getting to be HUGE ----- So I decided on a totally different approach and used an .ini file to store the data. The proggy has a data entry interface for personal updates BBBBUUUUUTTTT I have gone one stage further and allowed the data file to be updated and accepted by the software when multiple edited using a simple txt file editor like Notepad..... The updated files could then be posted between users as simple text files and then inserted into their own systems.....

Wots think????

Steve M?

All comments appreciated......



Different Species

Call me an ignorant old fool, But what in the name of heavens gate are you talking about?

sounds good but...........

That All Sounds Good but I figure You got alittle offtrack. What does your program do,"what is it used for"?. I understood What you said but Im a programmer but I figure Most of PPl on this site Dont care What Steps you use to Make your programm but just what does it do and what can it do for them.


Programme is now available from G0hqh.freeserve.co.uk
Thats a zero and not an "o"
Test it out.....

Steve M