Genuine Daihatsu Clearance parts available from dealers

As some of you may have been aware, Daihatsu Drivers has had a good relationship with Daihatsu UK for many years, and have previously listed genuine parts which are available at reduced prices. We have been given exclusive access to the database of all genuine Daihatsu Parts and accessories which have been reduced. This is over 460 parts which have been reduced.


Coming soon - Downloadable Service Manuals

Since the site first started selling Service Manuals the speed of peoples internet connections has increased from mainly being dialup to being on broadband connections around or above 8Mbit. So within the next week or so we will be offering the capability to purchase the service manuals and download them instantly. This is of obvious benefit to people abroad, or people who need the manuals instantly. Plus with Royal Mail "losing" more and more of the disks before they arrive, giving people the option to download is the obvious solution.


Delivery of Service Manuals

As many people in the UK are probably already aware, our Postal Workers are again threatening strikes. This includes some areas currently having walkouts and strikes already. This means that unable to determine when anyone who recently ordered a Service Manuals will have it arrive in the post. The latest on what is happening with Royal Mail in your area is available by clicking here.


Terios Owners

Hi, i am a 2005 Daihatsu Taruna CSX owner. I would like to ask question to the owner of Terios:

1. How is the layout of the engine and the trannies? Longitudinal or
transverse? any picture Unknw
2. Is there a place that i could buy the front axle unit plus the
transfer case?
ps : Mine is 1.5 liter 87 hp, Efi, HD-E engine with the Feroza 4X2 trannies 5 speed, with no holes for the t


Daihatsu slash prices on Fourtrak parts *Exclusive*

Daihatsu have slash the prices of Fourtrak parts with upto 71% off some parts! So even those die hard "dealers are so expensive and evil" will likely be tempted to buy genuine Daihatsu parts of their Fourtrak. The new prices for the following Fourtrak parts are as follows...

Main target audience - trade customers / owners 1993 /2002 models

Old Retail



Monsoon 4x4 Launch Forum

Monsoon 4x4. One of the most popular choices for people who are looking for Soft Tops for their Sportraks have launched a new forum. The forum is bound to be a helpful resource to all the Sportrak owners who are looking to buy a Soft Top for their Sportrak, or need some advice about how to fit it!

You can visit their site and see their new forums at


Daihatsu Parts

I am 3/4 of the way in completing a software programme for Daihatsu owners. It is written in VB6 so there is no probs with current computers. I was going to use a .mdb file to store the info - but like most Bill Goat stuff the proggy was getting to be HUGE ----- So I decided on a totally different approach and used an .ini file to store the data. The proggy has a data entry interface for personal updates BBBBUUUUUTTTT I have gone one stage further and allowed the data file to be updated and accepted by the software when multiple edited using a simple txt file editor like Notepad..... The updated files could then be posted between users as simple text files and then inserted into their own systems.....


sagging springs

Hi all :}
i have a sportrak 92 model with some sagging going on underneath!!plus I have a very suspect shock..
Its got the electricaly adjusted type and for the price of 1 of those i could buy a Suzuki sj410 Evil
So its time to spend some money and do some work!!
If any one knows of a good source of springs,dampers,longer hangers then please let me know,,

before my backside is dragging on th


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