Links page

I added a links page about a week ago which all members should be able to add to from your members menu on the right hand side of every page once you are logged in. Thats the one with your username as the title. If you think I am missing any category then feel free to privatemsg me to suggest one!:)

Also I am thinking about adding a review section part to the site so users can write reviews about various things. Eg, about car polishes, parts, "fuel savers", maybe even the vehicles themselves. Then rate them out of say 5 or even 10. I have the module ready to add to the site if people think it is a good idea. Again it would be handy for a couple of suggestions for sections could split it into for the reviews.

Also if you can even think of any other sections you could think it would be good for the site then feel free to make suggestions as I may make the site and can guess what people may want, but at the end of the day you are the ones who know for sure what you want :).