Cuore / Mira / L500 series Manual released

It's been a few months but they are now available! Daihatsu Drivers are pleased to announce the Service Manual for the L500 series of Cuore, Mira, Domino has now been released! This is also known as the Perodua Nippa. The Kelisa Perodua sell is the L700 series Cuore. So if you want the latest manual just work your way here.



Prompt delivery as usual.

Prompt delivery as usual.

And it's the first time I've seen maintenance data for the ED20 engine in my Nippa. Yaay!

Thanks Lurch


got mine too Smile many thanks! some handy bits for the mira. do you know if there is another one for avanzato/classic? Smile

can someone please confirm... cuore/mira/l500 manual

does the above manual provide workshop information for the ED20 engine??

i have a 1997 move with an ed20 engine, and am needing to do engine work.

if this manual has the ed20 data in it, i'm located in tasmnaia, autsralia, am i able to be sent the disk still? were you still offering no postage charges?

Does this manual includes the

Does this manual includes the JB-EL engine from a daihatsu mira's normal aspirated engine...and I'm looking for it's wiring diagram....does ur manual contains the details I'm looking for...if I want to get the manual by downloading it from it let me know....thanks...

Service Manual

Hi, Does the L500 or the L700 service manual cover the JB-Det engine or the TRXX 4WD turbo car? 4 cylinder version Unknw

What level does the service manual cover? just general service or does it get right down to the nitty gritty of taking out gearboxes and engines or installing new cams that level?


does the manual include the mira l200 which the engine code is ef-cl?