rod the sod

.hi there folks been looking at this site for the last year since i bought my sporty.
so decided to take the plunge and make some comment hope im doin this right.anyway it failed the mot on a broken leaf spring so diy was the cheaper option
new leaf springs & u-bolts £170 a straight forward you might think. ha-ha wait till you come across the fargin bastige bolt thats siezed onto the inner sleeve of the bush. tried everything. torquebar plus 3 foot pole with 2 of us pulling at it
then things got worse the rubber in the bush gave way & was turning inside shell
eventually had to be cut off . drivers side 1.5 hrs feeling quite chuffed at this
point other side 7.5 hrs pulling my hair out at this point trying to avoid cutting
the bolts inevitibly it had to be cut off managed to fabricate a bolt from b&Q
sorted so my tip to anyone worying about doing this dont be just make sure you buy shakles & bolts for said saves a lot of time and frustraition and grazed knuckles
all that hassle for the sake of £20 £30 more and if you dont use them you could allways take them back .ps make sure at least 1 of you is mechanicly minded .im a floorlayer ,thanx for listening bye bye.




My F74 4trac failed it's mot on a broken spring.

Managed to get a pair with bushes, shackles and all the nuts and bolts from Milner Off Road, which saved a lot of greif. The whole lot cost me about £135.00 inc postage. There phoone number is 01629 734411. They're very helpful and seem to be able to get things modt people can't. I just bought a pair of front wings, and they were £36.00 each plus vat and postage.

spring eye bushes

after changing shackles, springs , shocks on my rocky,heres a tip undo 1 side of the shackle and remove it ,get yaself a cheap gas blow torch for about a tenner and burn the rubber of the bush scraping it out with a screw driver keep going until you can knock the bolt out removr remaining rubber from bush ,cut through outer sleeve of bush with hacksaw , once your through it can easily be knocked out with a screwdriver and hammer, replace with poly bushes from milner off road