Tips on how to do things on Daihatsu's

Fuel Tank

I just brought a Daihatsu sportrak EL From a nice man in Newhaven knocked him down too £800 I thought Bargain look great Only too find when I field Fuel tank up it leaks and just cost me £400 for a new one SadCray 2
so Make sure if you buy a car from a man in the street you know what your getting because I would not off brought it if i had know not only did he put my life and risk but also my 4 k


rod the sod

.hi there folks been looking at this site for the last year since i bought my sporty.
so decided to take the plunge and make some comment hope im doin this right.anyway it failed the mot on a broken leaf spring so diy was the cheaper option
new leaf springs & u-bolts £170 a straight forward you might think. ha-ha wait till you come across the fargin bastige bolt thats siezed onto the inner sleeve of the bush. tried everything. torquebar plus 3 foot pole with 2 of us pulling at it
then things got worse the rubber in the bush gave way & was turning inside shell
eventually had to be cut off . drivers side 1.5 hrs feeling quite chuffed at this


Rough Idling

Our 95 Sporty developed a mind of its own when Idling - anything between 650 to 1k (indicated).

Cured by securing throttle cable, lube (WD40 or similar)on throttle body arm and assosiated linkages, and strip air valve actuator (Under rubber boot) and light oil applied again.

Job Done. Rock steady 650 rpm.


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