So, what else do you drive besides a Daihatsu??


It's on the firm, which means the only choice we galley slaves have is what's cheapest or comes with the most backhanders to them, but I also drive an '01 Ford Mundeo 2.0 LXTD. Don't believe the hype - They're woeful.

A tad more noisey, and harder to park than the Sportrak....Better on a run, tho!

Other Cars

I've driven a fiesta that lasted all of three hours before it was trashed and had to be returned to the garage, it was only a courtesy car so I wasn't out of pocket. I hadn't done anything in it that I haddn't done in my Move. Just goes to show what quaity of goods that ford use!!! I've recently taken on a Fiat Uno Formula 45. Bought it the other week for £40. Not much wrong with it and still has 6 month's MOT left, and I'd make a profit on it straight away just taking it to the local scrappies! I tried to get it for £25 but seen as it was my pal I bought it from I gave him £40. I've driven a corsa as well and abused it almost as much as I abuse the Move. Took it all in it's stride until last year when it started costing £3-£4 hundred pounds a month to repair. It also didn't have enough space. Does anyone have any idea's how I can improve the Move so that it can take more weight than it's current original spec?

Well, of course, FORD stands

Well, of course, FORD stands for, Fix Or Repair Daily, and Found On Rubbish Dump. And their dealerships arnt much chop here in Oz. Work has a transit van, which has been for a service in the last couple of weeks, and some follow up work last week. The fanbelt still squeels on start up. Damn good work Mr Ford.
Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Fix or repair daily....ROFLMA

Fix or repair daily....ROFLMAO!!!!

To be fair, it's not conked out on me unlike other Dorf's, which have spewed alternators out or dropped the cambelt tensioner on me. but it's the poor quality of materials they're
using these days that annoy me. The coating on the door internal handles is rubbing off already, and the steering wheel has worn smooth after only 60k. They are sourcing most parts from Eastern Europe, and the LCV based on the Mondeo which we get here (The Transit Connect) is built in Turkey and not known for it's quality and I suspect some of the Mondeos we get originate there now.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

My other car is.........

I have a 306DT, good toy, goes well, eats front tyres.

The fourtrak was brought because it seems to good to be true. It was, found a crack in the BLOCK!!!! second hand engine, go as new!!



i drive

Got 2 Daihatsu motors, 1 a 93 Sportrak and the other is an 88 Fourtrak 2.8d which is used for off road stuff. I am self employed so for work have a transit van. Selling my Subari Impreza as its to damn expensive to run (£600 for a service and 23mpg) brill car tho. I bought the sport as a replacement as most of the time i dont really do long journeys and i am 6'1" tall so needed a car with headroom. Gotto say the spots superb for what it is and the 4trak is the best kept secret in 4wd vehicles, dont know why they stopped making it.

Ps : i work in the motor trade (self employed SMART repairer) so i get to drive nearly everthing.



What we drive

Hi all,
My other car is a 1995 B.M.W. 520 24 valve which for a heavy car goes like stink and returns good fuel mileage, and unlike other vehicles is very reliable but its not what i drive its what i work on thats fun. I am one of the Crew for a Top Methanol Funny Car team (Dragster) in my spare time, which goes even faster (7.02 seccond quarter miles at 189.9mph) downside it takes 6 gallon of Methanol to do quarter of a mile, almost as bad as the sporty i got if pushed hard !!!!!.
Bye for now. Brian in Notts.

Okay here we go!! The flee

Okay here we go!!

The fleet as follows...
90 fourtrak for the fannying about at the weekend (off road of course)
ST220 Mondy for work purposes
206 180 GTI for her indoors
Ford F150 Pickup LHD american jobby for the schoolrun LOL, new toy but sadly 2WD but at 400 BHP who is complaining
Oh yea a 1991 Fiesta van which is good to pick parts for the fourtrak when its poorly!

Its a bloody nightmare getting out of my drive!!

What else I drive?

I am a lazy old guy of 75 and drive a Shoprider battery mobility scooter. Good for 50kM range at 12mph top speed, motor is 24 volt 1000watts. Dirt cheap to run, and I have a handy long trailer when bulky/ heavy loads to be moved. Heaviest load so far was a standard railtrack sleeper. It is carried free if I travel on rail trains. The train guards have onboard carbon fibre access ramp. No driver license, insurance required. Legally I am a horse and thus travel on the wrong side of the road. The motorists are very considerate. I can beat any jogger up hill and the young ladies are my favourites!


My main car is a Mk1 Mazda MX

My main car is a Mk1 Mazda MX5, which has been my dream car since they came out, and i won't even entertain the idea of replacing it. Next step is to supercharge it for a little more oomph.
My other toy is a Ducati Monster 900, which is my daily rider, excpet when it is really miserable like now.
I bought the Sportrak to use as a winter car for driving on roads when the snow comes out as I'm about to start a new business that involves driving from Swindon to Oxford, to Banbury and back to Swindon again, every day rain or shine. When spring comes I'm gonna off road it!
Later next year a Freelander is on the shopping list for work purposes, and I am well on the way to buying the DeLorean DMC12 that I'm saving for. It's gonna be a busy year next year on my driveway!!

"Like the first monkeys blasted into space, sacrificing themselves for the good of mankind.." Tyler Durden.

When I'm not driving my Fourt

When I'm not driving my Fourtrak.....I'm driving my other Fourtrak Wink

Not much of a car person, have 5 motorcycles as well as the two 'Traks

Main car is an Impreza Turbo

Main car is an Impreza Turbo along with my 3 Daihatsu Charade GTtis. Picking up a Sportrak on Saturday and plans for a 4th GTti soon ! Sportrak is the perfect tow car for a GTti track car methinks !


Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

So what else do you drive?

As well as the Fourtrak I drive a Honda S2000. I really like them both. The S2K is great to drive especially in Summer, but can be a bit tricky in winter and on cold wet roads. The Fourtrak is the workhorse, doing all the dirty work in all conditions. Not quite as fast, but with a better view of the countryside.

95 ldv 400 2.5d van,quieter a

95 ldv 400 2.5d van,quieter and more space than a transit, 89 fourtrack td easier to reverse trailers than a van with no rear windows!!, 89 discovery tdi 7 seater 5 door,bigger and smoother ride than the fourtack better for ferrying the kids towing the caraven etc, 3 assorted zetor tractors for mowing the lawn etc.

Daily driver is just about to

Daily driver is just about to be a Peugeot 1007 Sport HDi, replacing a Clio DCi Dynamique. Didn't want to put the miles on the YRV so use that at weekends and sometimes on the trip to work.

53reg Black YRV Turbo 130

my other drive is a 1991 - bm

my other drive is a 1991 - bmw 520
great car - excellent turn of speed and good mpg when cruising,

on the other hand,
this is my real baby....
streetfighter'd FZR1000

and of course - as with all petrol-heads it don't stop there !!!
as i also have this one

which is my dragbike,
also used for promoting my website,

oh and i have the daihatsu fourtrak 2.8td

and i also have this one

My other car.

My other car.

Mud makes excellent Toothpaste.

a golf

a golf

besides the sporty for mucky

besides the sporty for mucky messing ive got a bmw e30 325 touring
its crap on fuel tyers ground clearance and noise regulations, but jesus it shifts

I drive 2 different Daihatsu's

Well at the moment I drive 2 different Daihatsu's. My Sportrak and when I am seeing my partner or they are here for the weekend I usually drive their Cuore aswell. Nice nippy little cars!! The indicator arm is on the left hand side too!! Which makes it a bit confusing.

When I first for my Sportrak I was alternating between that and my old F Reg Metro as its battery would go flat if you didn't drive it for 4 days.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, 100Watt Spots, Custom S/Steel Wheel Cover, S/Steel Sillbars, more to follow!


so what else do you drive?

Well i'm on my 3rd Daihatsu having owned a F20 a 4trak Turbo (hence the name) and now the Sportrak. I have a M*ndeo to get rid of and a Suzuki LJ80 also got to go, it is a brill little off roader but the Sportrak is more civilised, (ie it has a roof and doors) My wife has a Pugyut 206..Yawn but she prefers the Sportrak unless it is shopping time with 2 kids!


Hi Lurch

We all drove cars with plenty of rear seat room when we saw our partners, when we were younger; as we got older we progressed onto beds, this is why we are not as lithe and agile as we once were.
Imagine; we used to have several Mini's years ago, i could have got a job as a contortionist.

Alternative transport

Well seeing as you ask, I've got a Vauxhall "bag of nails" Vectra, which is due to be sold now the Sporty has passed its Mot, I am self employed, so own a Mercedes sprinter for work, and there's the Bandit in the garage when I feel the need!

My other car.....

Discovery TDi. Its bigger, tows better and cheaper on fuel!

what else do you drive

Company Ford Escort 1.8 Diesel van. Woeful lack of acceleration and top speed not helped by the ladder, tube and ARB on the top Sad

Fucking uncomfortable over any kind of distance too, the Sportrak is actually the better long distance machine !

Due to replaced some time who-knows-when by a Transhit Connect (the Escort that is).



in addition to my sporty 1.6

in addition to my sporty 1.6 elxi i drive a vauxhall astra estate 1.7dti and quite frankly i'd rather drive the sporty any day of the week. to say ive had faster pushbikes is an understatment, the only good thing about it is i dont have to slow down for roundabouts cos it sticks to the road like the proverbial - to a blanket. i've also got a renault espace for the many kids, 4 to be exact (but i've found out what was causing that now).The espace is a lovely motor but being a v6 model it drinks more than george best, hence it doesnt come out to play that often,

A Mini Cooper

Sorry to say but the Mrs has a 1989 Mini Cooper!!

Cracking little motor but too small!!! Unfortunately Im gonna be getting rid of my Sportrak as well as I dont trust it on distance journeys!!


"Live Every day as your last because one day it will be!

"Live Every day as your last because one day it will be!

Can't imagine why it would in

Can't imagine why it would interest anyone at all but besides my elderly but fantastic track my daily driver is a Punto 1.2 purchased last May to replace gas guzzling Xantia (fatastically comfortable ride)...the Punto was cheap to buy cheap to to run...basically its a cheap little motor that does all I need it to..i.e. get me to work CHEAPLY .. Biggrin

But my favorite vehicle is my Mahidrance..I just love it to death..and it will probably be the death...of me.

See it here..

About to replace the stock 2.1 diesel lump with a slightly larger 2.5 Turbo donated by an LDV van.....hmmmm visions of broken half shafts keep poppin into my head..:)

my other car

I did drive a vauxhall tigra till I got my fourtrak so now I am selling it (see for sale). I found it supprisingly quick with it being an automatic an most people look down on vauxhall in general. I have also heard people say the tigra is just a corsa engine in a new body but believe me it is not I frequntly left the corsa drivers in my wake.

Well its the reason i now hav

Well its the reason i now have a fourtrak! (need something that will tow)
I drive a single seat 50MPH plus racing hovercraft Smile

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

other drives

my main car IS my sporty but i also own a 1959 Chrysler new yorker(yank tank)6.8L V8 and i also have a 1970 ford Zephyr 2L V4.and people keep telling me 4x4s are thirsty.....

2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2.0 Turbo Diesel, Sweet little Puegot engined one (as opposed to the dodgy Mazda ones) 750km on a $40 NZD fill of diesel....great little wagon....wee bit underpowered at big hills fully loaded..a wee bit too shiny to take serious offroad (given the plastic "bumpers" over the box sections attached to the chassis

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)

So, what else do you drive besides a Daihatsu??

I have one of those "shakin' yo' ass" Renault Meganes - its no Ferrari, (80bhp) but at 55MPG average for the diesel it makes sense with our wonderful UK fuel prices... (92p/litre)


I drive my hotted up Corolla

I drive my hotted up Corolla when not taming the power of the 4trak!! Biggrin I love driving them both.. but the Rocky goes further!!

so what else do u drive besibes a diihatsu

O forgot this little vehicle when im workin or scratchin 4 a livin a 8.3turbo 80mph flat out beast that does whoppin 4.5 miles 2 gallon FIRE ENGINE

M Billingham

my main car is a scooby, i us

my main car is a scooby, i use my sport track for work its cheaper to run. sooby are exspencive to run, only get 240 mile on a tank of fuel....i get 350 mile with me sporty

So, what else do you drive besides a Daihatsu??

In addition to YRV Turbo 130, other car is an '03 Smart Roadster in Red over Silver. If forced to choose between the two, the Smart Roadster is more fun and is an absolute blast to drive. Slowing down for corners is a thing of the past plus it gets 55+ mpg!
YRV Turbo 130 is the everyday car with the reliability I need living out in the sticks, but with enough fun to make driving it a pleasure.

My other car

I drive an L reg sporty ( called SPOT ) my wife has a Nissan Terrano 2.7 tdi ( I wonder if she'd notice if I swapped engines .. Mmmmmmm.) I also drive Gas fork lift trucks and translift Bendi Fork lift trucks at work ( B&Q ) not bad things to use but not much use on the motorway LOL !!!

If in doubt give it a CLOUT!!
If it won't fit you are not hitting it hard enough!!
Hit it harder than you thought you needed to!!

If in doubt give it a CLOUT!!
If it won't fit you are not hitting it hard enough!!
Hit it harder than you thought you needed to!!


Well thats a hard one as I restore Mini's, or did. I have two Sportraks, two Minis, a 30 and one of the last made in German spec. (Original Mini's) a Hijet Van and an Audi A6

I have always loved cars so have a collection. I have a Midget being sold for me in the UK as that is definitely unreliable transport and small. The workhorses are the Daihatsu's and the Audi is for long journeys whilst the Mini's are just fun regardless of the lack of comfort. Living in France Sporties and Mini's always turn heads as both are rare. The French adore Minis and are now moving more into 4x4's than ever before.


M J Young

i drive a 04 bora the

i drive a 04 bora the charmant gets parked up for the winter


I sometimes drive my parents

I sometimes drive my parents 2002 Pontiac Montana
and I also have a 1982 Chevrolet G20

A rare Canadian Daihatsu owner.

So, what else do you drive besides a Daihatsu??

Hi, Ive only been a member for a few days and am not sure if I've mastered this website, but here goes. Since 1994 I've had 2 Sportraks (the first was removed from my drive by an oik I'd like to meet sometime) then a Fourtrak TDX followed by a '98 Fourtrak Riviera 2 that I bought new and still have. It's used for day to day stuff and pulling a small caravan to the French Med most summers. I've been thinking of swapping it for a couple of years now, I've never owned a car for so long, but truth be told, I can't bear to part with it. It's slow, noisey, thirsty, a bugger to clean, but I love driving it.
My other transport is a 2004 MX-5, used for "fine days" and camping trips in France. I've become a master at packing camping gear into tiny bundles and stuffing them into the very limited space available using the MX-5 owners motto "if it don't fit in, we can manage without it".
My 3rd bus is a '99 Clio 1.6 SI. which has been passed accross by my 88 years young mum who has had give up driving for health reasons. I don't really need it, but it's useful for keeping the mileage down on the other two.
Really useful, infomative site chaps and chapesses, keep up the good work.


Why drive anything else ?

When I am not driving my 1995 Sportrak Exi (Which I will be selling sometime in the next few months probably) I drive a different 1995 Sportrak!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic cars. Cheap to run & fun to drive. Very capable off-roaders and great for all seasons!

Sportrak Rob
Flitwick, Bedfordshire, UK

Rob Read (Sportrak EXi, Sportrak Midnight)
Flitwick, Bedfordshire, UK

So, what else do you drive besides a Daihatsu??

Rover 420 and an 89 Harley FXR.

Which NEARLY fits in the Hijet Smile

Well, the XJ-S was getting a little expensive to run...

Well, the XJ-S was getting a little expensive to run...