Daihatsu news (at least in japan)

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News #1
Daihatsu New Tanto : If you checked the Tokyo Motor Show cars, you´ll know what I´m talking about. New Tanto is a tall-height minicar for japanese market. It looks like a Move, but while the Move have "moved" to a more Premium style, Tanto is taking the original roots of the Move: great interior space, ultra utility, but, the Tanto don´t have the same wheelbase length! The current Move and Mira (Charade for UK, Cuore for others) shares the same wheelbase, but Tanto looks like it´s using another new plattform.

News #2
Daihatsu Copen 1300cc: currently being displayed at Tokyo Motor Show, this car is ...I WANNA DRIVE ONE! Just imagine the small and ingenious copen with 1300ccTurbo Intercooler engine used on YRV! this car rocks!

Daihatsu Terios Full Model Change Rumors: reading japanese sites, some of them says Terios will go a full model change on 2004, after the Terios Kid model change. Both models shares the same plattform and several components. I think Terios needs a new body... since 1997 the body remains almost the same (in 2000 it had a minor change). What do you think?

News #4
Checking japanese DAIHATSU site, I´ve saw their TV Commercials and I saw one of Mira Avy featuring Victoria Beckham! I wonder how much Daihatsu have paid to her.

News #5
get in my new poll: Which Daihatsu model would you like to have at your market? Not all of Daihatsu models are available overseas.

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Pictures of the cars

As the votes in the poll are slow I think i'll post a few pictures of the models to help saxas209's poll along a bit.

Daihatsu Taruna

Daihatsu Mira AVY

Daihatsu Mira Gino

Daihatsu Move

Daihatsu Max

Daihatsu Atari / Extol

Daihatsu Zebra

Daihatsu Terios Kid

I have to admit that I only really like the look of the Taruna and Mira Gino. But would definately choose the Taruna out of the 2. Or possibly the gorgeous Copen but thats not in the list!


N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, 100Watt Spots, Custom S/Steel Wheel Cover, S/Steel Sillbars, more to follow!


Mira AVY

The Mira AVY is lightly different. You have posted the Mira, which is the same as sold in UK under Charade name. I personally like more the AVY than the original Mira. AVY looks more hot, modern and stylish.