Plans to resolve the site issues.

As pretty much all of you will have noticed the site nowadays has been running increasingly slower. After asking for some of you to provide feedback on what you are using to view the site and your experience it appears that no matter what Operating System, Web Browser, and connection type you are using the site is slow. over past 24 hours have used script on the site which shows me how well or badly the server itself is running. From the results of monitoring that I can see that the culprit of the speed issues is the server itself being overloaded with too many sites the server can cope with. As a result I have decided to move the site to a new hosting company who have bigger, faster servers, who boast that they do not overload their servers with sites. Which hopefully means once I have managed to complete the migration of the site over, there will be an overall much better and faster experience when using the site.

Tonight I have purchased a package with another company and the current site files are being copied onto the new server.

The lists of tasks I am having to go through and whether they have been completed is below.

  • Move site files onto server - Completed
  • Disable upload Image uploading until on new server - Completed
  • Export and Import copy of site database onto new server - Completed
  • Test and update site on new server - Completed
  • Switch domain to look at new server and disable posting on old server to prevent lost posts - Completed

All of this will take a few days to do and for a while I will be paying 2 companies to keep the site alive until have switched over and make sure nothing has broke during the process. But I am sure you all agree it should be worth it!

I will be updating this page with the latest progress during the entire process.