Feb 29th - Langdale Quest wins! (date change)

Ok everyone after the poll it seems that the first meet of the site since changing owners and name will be at Langdale Quest! If you are planning on turning up then add a comment saying and maybe helpful to say where you are coming from? For those who are more based in the Midlands (like me) or the south then don't worry the next one hopefully will be more Midlands based, and then one in the south. Which is as fair as I can make it off top of my head.

Price for Langdale Quest for the full day is £45. Also a £2 insurance surcharge is added to that price.

So to recap and also mention anything I might of forgotten. First offroading event is on 29th Feb at Langdale Quest in North Yorkshire. Price is £45 for the full day. If you are hoping to go then add a comment to this story and include your location, and ideally what time you imagine you could get there by.

Langdale Quest Website is here.



langdale quest

having just bought my first 4x4 a sportrak ,iwill be turning up at langdale to change its colour from white to mud brown.We will be traveling from castleford west yorks on the A64 to Pickering

langdale quest date

i have posted topic on forum but put it here as well it seems langdale quest is closed on feb 22 i had a look at their web site would be worth alook to confirm