Towing with a Hijet


Hello there
I have a Hijet MPV, 1996 with a 993cc engine (petrol). I just wondered if anyone knows what I can safely tow with it. Please don't laugh!!



The basic rule of thumb used to be based on engine size e.g. a 1 litre engine would tow 10cwt and a 1.3 litre engine would tow 13cwt, the hijet is a surprisingly heavy vehicle so I would try to tow less weight. [1 hundredweight [cwt] = 112 lb = 50.802 kg]

very many factors to consider

very many factors to consider when towing. i cannot be sure of the weight and i certainly wouldnt put your life and the life of other road users at danger by guessing!!

but the info you need should be out there. it depends if the trailer is braked. this may even be law by now and you certainly cannot tow more than the weight of your own tow vehicle anymore, it may be 80%. but bear in mind a hijet can be lifted by hand so too much weight whilst towning would easily push the little van along the road no problems despite brakes

wow!!!! didnt relaise his th

wow!!!! didnt relaise his thread was way over a year old. my apologies for dragging it back up to the top..