Loosing power at cruise till revs drop...G.Move.1.6 1999


Hi Guys..

Only happens over 3000 RPM, when cruising. Engine suddenly looses power and if I try to compensate by flooring the accelerator it judders and will not pick up. Took me a while to find a quick recovery. What I have to do when I loose power is floor the clutch and let the revs drop to idle whilst I coast,once the revs have dropped below 1200RPM it will pick up again for another while. There is no fuel blockage and the filter is clear also it doesn't feel like starvation. It is like somebody has thrown a switch and it wont reset until I let the RPM wind down. Round town it doesn't miss a beat.

Any suggestions cos I'm miffed.....Regards Keith B..

i had a very similar problem

i had a very similar problem on my charade,
a little vacuum pipe had popped off.Have a good look around
the engine and trace every vacuum pipe - mine was like this
for nearly 2 weeks and 3 mechanics looked but saw no problem!
some are well hidden!! hope it helps!