Sportrak front torsion bar??


Not sure what it is called but the bar about 1 inch round that runs from one side of the truck to the other has sheared are the bolts captive and if so can they be drilled out and replaced any help ould be great

torson bar

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is this torson bar on the front if so does it go to both lower suspension arms if so they are captive bolts but they can be drilled out it takes a little while but with a good sharpe drill it wont take that long make sure you drill a small pilot hole first
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For reference I think you mig

For reference I think you might be talking about the anti roll bar, sometimes called the swaybar.
It's there to partially equalize suspension loads when cornering thus reducing body roll.

Some of the guys in Aus on the Outerlimits board have taken theirs off to achieve greater wheel articulation off road, this may affect fast cornering stability on tarmac though.

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