Fuel consumption / tank size


'95 TDX Indy.

First full fill-up since collection 2-1/2 weeks ago, averaging near 29mpg on my 11 mile each way commute up M5 - happy with that it's around 2-3mpg better than my 90.

Did I read the handbook correctly that the fuel tank is 60 litres? Or is that a typo. Just curious, I know fuel gauges are inaccurate, but needle at 1/8th tank approx, took just over 43 litres...
Handbook recommends filling when one gets down to around 1/4 on gauge (OK it helps to leave the crud and water in the tank... Smile ).


It is not a typo, just you

It is not a typo, just you overlooking some of the other factors, so i will explain.

The stated figure is its working capacity, this is 60 litres, its actual capacity is close to 65 litres as it has an inbuilt reserve. Then there is the filler pipe, this adds more capacity if you fill right to the top as i do, so a couple of more litres.

Then there are the problems, a dented tank (not uncommon) will have a reduced capacity as it is dented in, and the gauges are not accurate.


I know how inaccurate they are. My Boxster is particularly bad, drops like a stone once down to around 1/3rd.

Just seemed that 17 litres (i.e. nearly a third tank) was still a large amount to have in the tank. From your description that is closer to 23 :).

At least I know not to panic that the fuel level may be getting really low. I don't fill all the way to the top of the filler - too much risk of spilling fuel on the first couple of corners (no matter how good the cap seal) and as a motorcyclist for over 35 years I do not like to find said fuel on the road Sad

The supposed 60 litre capacity of my 90 is wrong - it doesn't hold that much - at least not for driving. No need to ask how I know Biggrin


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60 litres?

That's what the manual says.
Some say it holds more.
Mine has never taken more than 53 litres, from dry empty (ran out) to filler neck full. Maybe cause of dents. Maybe.